1. What kind of MS do you have?

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with  Relapse-Remit MS, but over  the last several years it has probably shifted into Secondary Progressive.

2. What is your medication?

Right now I take a daily injection of Copaxone.

3. Where can I find out more about CCSVI?


4. Where can I find out more about the clinic you are going to in Poland?

One tab over, where it says “Euroclinic – Poland”


5 responses to “FAQ

  1. LaVonne

    Good luck! I also have a sibling with MS. We are both SPMS. I have had mine for 32 years she has for 28 years.

  2. Joanne

    I am so happy for you both. So many of us are watching your daily progress. God bless you both

  3. Doug Wilkie

    My son was diagonized with CIS last year here in Ottawa. He has his first follow up appt. with Dr. Freedman in May. He has been taking copaxone daily. We are very interested in knowing if you will continue with your copaxone injection and what your Doctor thought of you going to Poland? A big decision on your part and we look forward to following your progress. We believe Canada, Ontario, the MS Society and the drug companies do not want this simple cure to work. God’s speed.

  4. Jen Baumeister

    I have been following your liberation trip with great interest. Welcome home and Congratulations !
    I am very curious about the 3rd step in the screening ….

    A large part of my MS is ocular -Retro Bulbar Neuritis and Uhthoffs (I have also been recently diagnosed with glaucoma.)

    Do you know what the CCSVI clinic in Poland is looking for in the OCT and Visual field test ?

    I finally have a neuro ophthalmologist appointment in June and if possible would like to “point out” any “vascular indicators”.

    I am so tired of trying to fight my way through the Canadian Medical system… It is pure hell..
    Takes a year to schedule a checkup with my GP. 3-4 months to get an appointment with an Opthamologist and that is after the 3-6 week wait to see optometrist for referral.

    Another question is did you/do you have a “crunchy” sound in your ear when yawning….suspect might be related to CCSVI.

    Thank you for Sharing,

    • Steve Walsh

      This is for JEN:
      For what it’s worth…I just had the treatment done in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico). The neurologist performed a number of tests the day before, and again the day after the angioplasty treatment. One was a “visual”(reading) test.
      My mother had MS and I saw her suffer with visual symptoms like double vision, etc.
      I’ve had MS for about 10 years, except for distance, vision was never a problem for me.

      After the procedure, my visual reading score improved significantly.
      Hope this means something to you.


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