My name is Evan Thornton, and this is my latest stab at keeping a personal blog. I might suck at that format, but I’m not bad at keeping up public blogs; if you have a moment check out Spacing Ottawa , Wellington Oracle, Project of Heart, or Cube Salon.

I’ve started many and orphaned them all over the years; who knows — this might be the keeper. Speaking of previous ones, you can see my Tumblr blog here – I’ll keep it online as long as they don’t start charging for it. Some ill-tempered rants there that might go with the mood of your day — if you are having a pissy day.

The first thing I plan on doing with this one is blogging my trip to Poland in the last week of March. I’m having vascular surgery to try to stop the progression of my MS. To get some background on what that is about, check the Wikipedia listing for something called CCSVI.

You can email me at evan.thornton1(at)gmail.com – substitute @ for (at)

And thanks to Sludgegulper for the header image of Katowice, Poland.


14 responses to “About/Contact

  1. mick griffin

    good luck Evan.
    you have a captivated audience of hopeful MS sufferers, hanging onto your every post.

  2. Hi Evan,
    Good luck. I know you have most likely made all your arrangements, but I was curious about what you think of places in the USA doing the procedure.(http://www.wheelchairkamikaze.com/)
    Also, we are planning a march on Parliament hill May 5, 2010. Please be in touch.

  3. Stacy

    Congrats! I think more of us are going “rogue” so to speak…this is such a wonderful “cure” and we can’t wait until it gets approved…it’s a relatively simple procedure….the drug companies I’m sure will do their very best to make it almost impossible to get it done in Canada….I’m so happy for you…

  4. Kristina

    Hi Evan:
    Congratulations and I hope everything will be fine with you from now on.
    I have registered my friend to go to Poland ( my maternal country) but did not receive any reply yet.
    This friend has the MS (TypeII). Do you think she will be suitable for the same as your surgery

  5. Bob Medwenitsch

    Good morning Evan.

    I have been following your blog over the past sevreal weeks. Congradulations and I wish you the best of luck. I just opened up your blog and was dissapointed when i found out about your scheduled talk this morning and that i would not be able to attend due to poor timing on my part. I was happy to find the link to the MS Liberation group. My wife has MS. She is 46. Will you be taping your talk this morning? Would a copy be available to purchase? Will you be talking again in the near future? We would like to attend. Do you have a list that you send out e mails out informing of your activities that may be upcoming? Congradulations again…you must feel like the guys that first set foot on the moon or the first explorers of this country. Bob

  6. Bonita Vaillancourt

    Hi Evan,

    I have MS and much of the same symptoms as you. However, I cannot get a doctor to even sign a requisition for the screening. My neurologist is Dr. Mark Freedman and at my appointment last week, he flatly refused to action my request for a requistion to have the screening done for CCSVI. I met with the same response when I asked my family doctor for the same requisition. You must have a more progressive doctor. Would it be possible to be referred to your doctor so I could follow in your footsteps? Do you have some advice on how you managed to get everything done? Would it be possible to speak to you directly?

    Please let me know.


    • Hi Bonita,

      Well as far as Poland goes I got all my scans over there; it is part of their usual package. If you email me your best times and numbers for a phone call I will try to reach you that way.

      • Marie

        Hello Again Evan. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to contact me to discuss this. My # is 902-445-4508. My Dr. flat out refuses to be open minded to such an idea and it is very fustrating.

        Hope to hear from you soon.
        Thanks again.

  7. Milena

    Hi Evan. First good lick in your surgery. I think everybody wants to know about your healty, can you comment to us??? We are waiting from you. Ah! I’m from Brasil n I hv MS for 25 years.

  8. Marie

    Hello Evan. Could you please tell me how you went about getting the treatment done in Poland. I too have been suffering from MS and am wheelchair bound. I suffer from fatigue, migraines, weakness, and all the other things that come along with such a disease. I believe such a procedure will help dramatically! Could you let me know how I can go about this? I would like to get started contacting the appropriate people right away.

    Thanks so much.
    Marie Gernon

    • Hi Marie,

      Check the link at the top of the page called Euromedic Poland. Once you get to their site, use their email address to get on their waiting list. It may take a couple of weeks to hear from them; don’t worry they will reply and they will keep you in order of the contact date of your email; there is no favourtism or jumping the line. Don’t worry about your Neuro; many are threatened by this. That’s OK; the world moves on anyway. I can’t phone you unfortunately; many many people are contacting and if I started calling them all I would be doing nothing else at all.

  9. Kim

    I’m not a blogger or on twitter, so I’m not sure the best way to get the info I’m looking for. I’m in the medical profession (paramedic) and believe that the Liberation Treatment truly deserves serious consideration. Yesterday in the newspaper, an announcement was made that the Canadian Institute of Health and Research, along with the MS Society of Canada, will not be funding clinical trials in Canada. I want to express my concerns/opinion to these organizations, but wonder if there is a more effective way than just sending them a letter or email. If that is indeed the most effective way, do you have specific contact names and perhaps a form letter that I can use? Would a petition put some pressure on the government? I want to help, but I want it to do it in the most effective manner. Thanks much.

  10. Barb MacDonald

    Hi Evan, Got your name from Warren last wkend and wanted to ask if you know if, and how, this procedure assists people with primary progressive. I was Dx in 2003 and started using a wheelchair approx. 1 1/2 years ago so very rapid progression. Most symptom management, and Rx, for RRMS does not apply to PPMS so we have our own frustrations with that… Just curious if it might help me continue the improvement I’ve made through PT and exercise.

  11. Debbie

    I have contacted Euromedic and have been scheduled to have my proceedure done in Poland in November. I just had a question for you regarding the process. I received an e-mail instructing me to deposit the payment into an account before I get there. Was this the same for you? I only ask because I had some concerns with doing this as it is a great deal of money. Thank you.

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