Clear as a bell!

Scan also takes years off your face, wrinkles fade like magic!

That’s what my 12 month post-CCSVI scans said about of my neck veins last week. Stent like new! No narrowing! No clots! No blockages at all, in fact. Thank you to  Barrie Vascular Imaging and Dr. Sandy MacDonald for courageously making the scans possible even in the current fear-based political climate.

While Dr. MacDonald presses ahead with what he was trained to do, in contrast, the Canadian medical establishment and the lamentably spineless federal Minister of Health dither, and people suffer.

Still, great news from Manitoba today! Oh, and how do I feel? Fantastic, since you ask! Taking on new projects, and enjoying every day.



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6 responses to “Clear as a bell!

  1. Congrats Evan! That’s fantastic news.

  2. nadinethornhill

    This is fully fantastic news!

  3. Thane

    A friend just had the procedure done yesterday.

  4. Mary Kurilko

    Wonderful news! Glad to be in the loop.

  5. Afsheen

    First of all Congratulations Evan!!!! Is the Doppler Scan available in Canada? I notice you mention Barrie – is that Barrie Ontario? I was going to travel to Buffalo NY for Doppler testing for a cost of $675 US but no doctor referral is required. If the testing can be done in Canada I would feel more comfortable.

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