Fog lifts for Alberta man

I was thrilled to see this in my inbox this afternoon; a wonderful report from James Cooper of Edmonton, AB.

Hi Evan: You spoke with me a little over 5 weeks or so ago about going to Poland. I just got back Thursday night and the results have been amazing. I had the procedure done late Monday afternoon and it has been incredible since. In less than a week I almost do not have a limp any longer.  My memory is coming back. I am way more mentally sharp.  Things that seemed to confuse me before our not a problem to think through or understand now.  Its like I have come out of some sort of a fog.

It was frustrating me but I did not know how much it was affecting me until I had the procedure.  Joint  and neck pain I have dealt with for years appears to be just gone. The neurologist over there was shocked when he did my exit examination.  My weak right leg was very close in strength and mobility to my left in only two days.   When he first saw me I could barely lift the right leg off the floor by its self let alone hold it in the air.  I could stand on one leg and easily keep my balance with with either leg when he checked me over.

To say I am excited is an understatement.  Thanks for your encouragement and support. I am going to write a letter to my neurologist asking her to change my diagnosis from a MS patient to a CCSVI patient. If they contend over here that the liberation treatment is not a cure for MS, than that would indicate by my results they must have diagnosed me incorrectly with MS, or admit the two are the same.  Should be interesting.

Fantastic news James!

And in case a Holley from Calgary who has been on the Rutherford radio show is reading this, can you contact James?  In that “fog” he was talking about his misplaced your email and would like to be in touch. You can also leave word for him via a comment to this post.

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2 responses to “Fog lifts for Alberta man

  1. Katrinka

    This is wonderful. I hope the fantastic progress continues.
    I have a thought or question about all of the people who have had the liberation treatment – is anyone keeping track of everyone’s progress whether it is good or bad or indifferent? Is there anyone tracking results, how people are doing after two, three, six etc. months and then years? No matter who pays for the procedure or who does it, the results are important both individually but also in the aggregate.
    It seems to me that the actual procedure is not the only new thing about the liberation procedure. The other new thing about it is that it is happening in a world of new and rapid information technology. This may be the first medical breakthrough that has been supported by FaceBook, Twitter etc. There are pros and cons to that of course but right now it seems the technology might be able to help track progress. I don’t want all this information to be lost. I just don’t know how to do it or whom to expect to do it.

  2. MANDY

    This is amazing!!, I too have an appointment in Poland with Euromedics for the 13th Sept! I cant wait to see my results, in comparison to many I have only mild MS but it is like a lead weight around my neck every day, so even though my results maybe small in comparison to most I cannot wait, to have no pain, to feel my feet properly again,to see better again, to wave goodbye to this burning and the hug which is the least most comforting of hugs possible! may your results keep coming!! regards Mandy.

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