“The hearing of a small boy”

That’s what the ear specialist told me I have this morning, which isn’t bad at all after 12 years of MS scarring the old brain pan and buggering about with my nervous system.

So that was good news. The other good piece of news is that I have started to jog again after a 6-year hiatus when I was too scared to, what with dropfoot making me a big tripsy-toesy when I walked.

At walking speed I could recover from a trip before it became a fall, usually, but at jogging speed I couldn’t trust my toes not to catch, and send me for a spill.

But about six weeks ago I became aware that I just don’t trip up anymore, and a week and a half-ago the penny dropped and I realized that  “hey, I bet I could jog again!”

Coincidentally a few days later The Citizen called just to check in — the Brad Wall/ Saskatchewan story may have renewed their interest in the CCSVI file–and in going over the “how am I doing now” notes  told them I had started up the roadwork again, and later that day an editor emailed to say they wanted to send out a photographer.

Here’s the link to the story.


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  1. Katrinka

    That is so exciting – running again! I am very happy for you. I gave up running six years ago myself for the same reason except I actually had to do the whole trip, fall and break two fingers in my right hand thing to make me stop. Up to that point I felt pretty sure that running was keeping MS at bay but could not interest any doctor in looking into MS/exercise link.
    I am planning on having the procedure in 2012. Who knows, we may still do a marathon yet!

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