Still feeling great

“OK, but how do you feel now?  OK, yeah, I read that other post, but how do you feel now? OK good, but what about right now?

People keep asking,  and I keep saying – I had blocked circulation in the veins coming down from my brain. I had them unblocked. Not surprisingly, I feel the benefit of vastly improved circulation.

I really don’t know what else to say on the subject.  I feel great. Yes, it cost me $10,000. I believe it was the best $10,000 I ever spent on anything in my life.

And I also believe it is a crime that ten of thousands suffering people in Canada are denied the opportunity to have their circulation issues looked at by our medical system, simply because they have been red-flagged as as having a pre-existing condition that one particular branch of the medical profession feels they have “ownership” over.



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4 responses to “Still feeling great

  1. Mary

    Hello Evan:

    So glad to hear you are feeling better than before the procedure.

    The Canadian Medical System is lacking in so many ways considering the taxes Canadians pay, it is not free by any means. The wait times for surgery is inexcusable, yet I have heard many people say ‘well it could be worse we could be like the Americans’ The purpose of socialized medicine should be just that, available when needed; not an eighteen month wait in some cases!

  2. I now recognize the ‘statue’ in your picture above!! My son’s pain has been greatly reduced since treatment in Katowice on June 23rd. So we heard you and agree with you……b

  3. LaVonne

    Great to hear, amazing and disappointing that this battle still goes on. Wish they would stick to their specialties ! We will come to them for the appropriate needs.

  4. Nick

    Yeah OK, but how are you doing now? j/k – thanks for sharing and opening doors/eyes. Let’s hope this debacle ends soon and extracranial venoplasty is available for everyone who needs it.

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