Routine angioplasty!

That’s what I say stents and ballooning are, and if they’re not, how else did there come to be hundreds of thousands of dudes walking around with ballooned and stented arteries? It’s unassailable logic like this that makes me love being a layperson, even if it does mean my bank balance is a woefully light when it comes to those six-figure drug company honoraria.

Well, you can hear my take on the whole thing in this episode of Connect, with Mark Kelley. Thanks to my sharp-eyed niece cousin, we know that my bit starts at about 37.28. Way to go, Jen!



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4 responses to “Routine angioplasty!

  1. LaVonne

    Excellent piece Evan! You spoke well for us. Thank you Jen! Good job and how lucky for all that you are involved!

  2. sherry

    Dear Mr . Thornton, Thank you for sharing this experience, I am hopefull that it will become available for person’s with MS, that are unable finacially to support it, I have a couple questions, are you continuing with your Copaxone treatments? how is that working for you?, and do you have access to any Dr. support here in Canada regarding the surgery you had in another country? I watching daily how this treatment is changing lives, and I am hopeful if its meant to be , I will have the opportunity to explore it. Thanks for continuing to share your story.

  3. xtine


    A news clip on Dr. Zamboni’s comments today:

    Link to The Current interview with Dr. Zamboni this morning:

    Best regards.

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