Every single Kuwaiti patient with MS to be liberated!

10 per day to be treated with Liberation procedure until all 6,000 are seen to. This is a major, major breakthrough.

What country will be next? I am so looking forward to watching the dominoes fall. One thing we can be sure of, if our MS Society has anything to do about it, Canada will be the last. What happened to Own the Podium, Mr. Harper?

And hopefully some of us will remember this, the next time we read the usual propaganda about barbarous Islamic states where there is no respect for human life. For care of its sick and disabled, Kuwait is putting us to shame.



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5 responses to “Every single Kuwaiti patient with MS to be liberated!

  1. Nathalie

    So now CCSVI is available in Kuwait and India but nothing in canada although we have the highest rate of MS. Mr Harper get off your ass and help us!! As well MS Society spread the donations around so we could all get checked for god sakes stop making us wait for these medical trials and all that red tape if I want this treatment it should be available to me it is MY decision why should I go to Poland or the Kuwait or India when I can get it here, instead of waiting this government and the Canadian MS Society are so damn slow to make a decision I have time to have MS full blown instead of trying this treatment which by the way should be MY choice!

    • Dale Woolsey

      You say it well Nathalie & I could not agree more 25 years with this disease is quite long enough for me. At age 65 I’d like my remaining years to have as much quality as possible.

  2. LaVonne

    It is the same here in the States, somehow our freedom of choice makes no difference to MS Society et al. 32 years with this disease and have tried all of their protocols and am quickly becoming worse. I want, while I have the ability to make my own decisions on my health, to be able to chose my own course for a change! I am an adult and quite aware of the “down” sides and am ready to deal with it. The possible “up” side to this treatment far out ways the downs for me as I see and know where I am going without it.

  3. Tony

    What does it mean by ‘Liberated ?’

  4. Marty Coomber

    I can,t understand our country either!! My wife’s MS is in attack mode ( change of seasons) & i,m one of the caregivers with a bad heart & my nerves are shot!!!!! Wish they would get off their butt & get this thing available to all in Canada!!!!!!!

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