Research notes, from both sides of the water

Dr. Michael D.Dake of Stanford University’s School of Medicine give a thorough overview on the rationale behind intervening to improve the function of jugular and azygos veins in patients with MS (the CCSVI treatment) to the annual meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiologists in Tampa, Florida, just three weeks ago. The first part of his talk is the embed above, the second part can be seen here.

International Journal of Angiology

Angiology – that’s another phrase for Vascular Medicine, I’ve been told. Arteries, veins, that kind of stuff. It’s the European term for what we would usually call Vascular Medicine, and the IJA has a strong European bent to its authorship and its subscription base. Therefore, its dissemination makes a useful counterpoint to the video above, which was presented to a largely North American gathering.

The IJA just dedicated their entire April issue to CCSVI/MS.

Nine original studies, plus a case study, and a review. Summaries and abstracts here.

Each summary or abstract is only a paragraph long, and you can get to the gist of each by scanning to the last sentence. To this layperson’s eyes, the theory behind the Zamboni/CCSVI model of disease would appear to be buttressed or supported in each case.


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