new drug regime!

A result of two separate trips to the drugstore. My brother’s meds are on the right and include a Polish brand blood-thinner; my pharmacy was out of the Polish and had to substitute a more expensive Belgium brand. How expensive? My total batch of meds – 4 kinds, including a weeks worth of injectable blood thinner – set me back 400  zloty – that’s about 130 dollars. Duncan’s was 330 zloty – he was the cannier shopper, obviously.

The good news is that we can stop injecting after a week. We did our first shots a few minutes ago and both went off without a hitch. No bleeders!

We can stop the oral blood thinner “Plavix”after 2 months and when that stops we can give up the Polprazol as well – it’s for preventing stomach aches from the blood thinner. The aspirin, however, we keep taking for life.

This afternoon we are heading out to do some photography of Katowice’s amazing industrial heritage sites –including a disused 19th century coal-mine right in the city centre! I love that kind of stuff and I’ve been looking forward to this afternoon all week long.



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10 responses to “new drug regime!

  1. Penny White

    I am following your story with great interest. I too have relapse remitting MS. You are valiant and clever to have done what you did. It will benefit us all, I am sure.
    I am curious to know if you are continuing your Copaxone, your MS therapy med….
    I read of your warm feet and wiggling toes, am wondering if Duncan has noticed any changes yet…

  2. Exploring old mine sites is indeed a cool activity. We are very happy that that the procedures went so well. We are also dam proud of you guys, and looking forward to a face to face visit.

  3. Susan Rochon

    Just great to get good news from both of you that the surgery was a success. I’m wonderng if your doctor in Poland was Dr. Simka. Since I’m from Ottawa, I wouldn’t mind speaking with you on your return, as I am attempting to make an appointment with a Polish doctor shortly.

  4. Aaron Jevons


    I’m very appreciative of your courage and efforts gentlemen.

    Please continue to keep us posted as best you can in regards to your MS symtoms and your provides the MS community great first hand knowledge re the results of this treatment, something that has been mostly hearsay to date.

    Congrats again. I hope things continue to get better for both you and your brother…and the rest of us eventually as well.

  5. Diane Ladouceur

    Hello and congratulations. I am following your blog with great interest. This is great news. When is everyone’s next trip to Poland! Count me in!

    Diane (with MS since 1987)

  6. Marty Coomber

    I can,t thank you guys enough for what youve done for MS!!!!!!!!!! My wife & I live in Pickering. Ive had 2 stents for 2 Heart Attacks. I read everything to my wife about your journey. Once again she’s had R/R since 1977. She’s still got feeling through out her whole body. I just hope this miracle can come to Canada ASAP………..keep up the great work sharing your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sandra Duff

    Hi Evan,
    Long story, but I got the address of your blog from Sylvia, who I contacted after reading with great interest the article in the Globe & Mail last week, and meeting your friend Kim where my daughter works at the Natural Food Pantry. I remember meeting you back when Petra was in my Math class in Grade 7, and homeroom in Grade 8. I have her address also and will contact her shortly. My MS is secondary progressive, but your journey is inspirational and provides much hope to us all. It is my hope that you and your family enjoy life from here on MS-free.

  8. Penny White

    Diane wrote: ‘When is everyone’s next trip to Poland? Count me in !”
    Here’s an idea…. Evan’s website announced that MONTREAL is now giving MRIs to ascertain if there is CCSVI (clogged veins in neck)…. What say we organize a group troupe to the Montreal radiology clinic, and depending on our individual results, THEN we plan a group troupe to Poland!?
    Thank you Evan and Duncan, for launching this wonderful and hopeful topic….

  9. sterlinglynch

    Abandoned coal mine!? Could make a great gallery / theatre space… 🙂

  10. Born May 14 1931, allergys,poliosyndrome,diabeties,heart attach 2005 ,heart now working at 11 percent, all five Arteries blocked 50 to 95%. Wouldn,t operate because of age etc, sent home with medication, Defibulator installed Feb 22/10. Healing very well, I hope to get my drivers license back in 5 weeks.
    I operate Cain Ltd, a harness and saddlery business, 50 years. also Moncton Western Wear Ltd a Western clothing and footwear shop, Tandy Leather Agents, and for 35 years a health remedy shop Atlantic Health Group Ltd. Keep in contact,all the best.

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