Back from surgery – updated

Yesterday was the start of a whole day and night in the hospital; by 11.oo am I had been blood tested, ECG’d, sonogramed, and finally given the happy news that I had serious vascular blockages confirmed in my neck! Repeatserious blockages in my neck! Think high-fives all around; when the wife of the guy in the next bed heard *his* positive blockage news, she came in and gave him a big kiss. It is was everyone in the group was waiting to hear. Blockages are what you want, because CCSCI surgery can *do* something about them.

So an hour later or so I was wheeled an had some orange “tingly” liquid painted across my lower abdomen and upper legs, and then I felt a slight pinch as the big vein in my inside leg was opened. We were on!

The surgery done while I was conscious, it was painless and over surprisingly quickly. I didn’t see a thing, and that is just the way I wanted it. But while I had been looking anywhere but down, Dr. Ludyga has been inserting a 3 cm long stent in a the big vein on the right side of my neck and then ballooning out a constriction in a vein on the left side of my neck. Before I knew it I was back in my room on the ward staring out the picture window at a lovely courtyard with big trees and an old helicopter with no rotors, that I think had been converted into a play structure.

Duncan and I shared that view pre-and-post op with a very likeable chap with the very English name of Nigel; an ex-copper with the Metropolitan Police.

We all came through it together, sharing tidbits of what we were learning as we went. The Polish doctors all have excellent English but the nurses, not so much…so if one of us found out that that Polish word for bedpan was pronounced “Kashkan” that could quickly be of use to the other guys as well, as you might imagine, since we were forbidden from walking to the toilet and tearing the dressing covering the puncture on our femoral veins.

But all that was wearing a bit thin by this morning, and when we got the word that we could put our street clothes on get ready for our driver, the grins broke out all around.

Anyway, I am feeling fantastic so far; I am going for long walks without tripping; typing with fingers I had forgotten about and enjoying the happy buzz between the people in our group that came through it together and are now comparing notes.

And now Andrew Lee from the CBC is here in my room now filming me as I type this; I will sign off now but hope to report more later in the afternoon..



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53 responses to “Back from surgery – updated

  1. So you’re seriously noticing an improvement already? Holy crap.

  2. Charlotte Craig

    Wonderful news – s0 fast- walking without tripping? Could you not type before? This is amazing – God bless you!Can we not get this treatment in Ottawa or Ontario soon?

  3. nadinethornhill

    This is wonderful news! Seriously, I stopped to applaud as I read it over breakfast.

  4. Natalie Joy

    Wow! Amazing.

  5. Wow! Amazing hope for you, your brother and, quite frankly, many MS sufferers. Congratulations to you and Duncan for taking a leap of faith, showing incredible courage, and showing the way for others.

    I heard the CBC interview this morning. Fabulous news!

    Now I am jealous; you are becoming the CBC celebrity in the office. However, I still have bragging rights on “As it Happens” :o)



  6. Shawn

    Hi, WOW! I hope you try hard to bring this good news to everyone else suffering in Canada. Your courage is fantastic. I was wondering if you had a chance to ask the doctors if people with ALS suffer the same blockage???

  7. Now, that’s a holiday! enjoy every moment, evan. You deserve it.

  8. Shawn

    Sorry for all the postings. I can’t believe more people are not following this. The CBC producer had a HUGE job on her hands when she get’s back to Canada. She must get the word out!!!!

    • Jen

      Kudos go to Andrew Lee of the CBC who is flying solo with the brothers. He’s filming, editing and producing everything himself in Poland and sending it back home. Of course, on this end, Lindsay Duncombe, CBC Winnipeg’s national reporter is to be commended, as well, for bringing this issue to the forefront. The two of them are doing a great service to the CCSVI cause!

      Thank-you CBC Winnipeg!

  9. mick

    Evan, if it’s not too much to ask, could you give a brief summery of the MS symptoms you were experiencing
    before your adventure started. I’ve no idea where you are / were in the disease specturm.

  10. Cindi

    Awesome Evan!!!

    Wonderful news that it went so well!!!

    Take care

  11. Marty

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic news!!!!! Thank you so much………maybe my wife will be able to lead a normal life because of you guys! hears hoping Canada gets on it right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. J Moore

    Congrats on the blocked veins. Hope you and your brother continue to improve. Hopefully this will get things moving here in Canada to do this surgery.

  13. Fotis

    Sheesh… results so quickly! You guys have been going a mile a minute glad too see your final able to slow down and smell the roses.

    Good news!

  14. Cathy

    So glad to hear that the surgery went well.You two are an inspiration.

  15. Congrats!!!! Say hello to Nigel for me! I will be there Sunday so I hope to meet all of you!!! I can’t thank you enough for letting us all know how you are doing. HOPE is so Wonderful!!!! See you all soon!

  16. Debbie

    Found myself waiting anxiously yesterday for news! Thank you so much for being so public about your experience and for drawing attention to all of this. I hope you continue to blog about this over time, to record how you are feeling. What are your neurologists in your hometowns saying about all of this? Wishing you and your brother all the best.

  17. Stephen

    We are so happy for you Evan. Can’t wait to see you when you get home.

  18. Diana

    I am in tears, I am so happy for you!! I wish everyone can feel the elation.

  19. sylvia

    As Evan’s wifey who has no tv and manages to miss every update on the radio, I must say that it brings tears to my eyes just reading these comments! Thanks to Brenda (Duncan’s wifey) who emailed me the link to the CBC report from Winnipeg last night at 12:00 pm. I was finally able to hear and see what all of Canada already knew. Andrew, what a job you’re doing…right there in the operating room! Holy cow! Looking forward to Monday Evan. And thanks so much to all of you, friends, relatives, strangers who arent’ so strange any more–for following the blog and sending your messages of hope and encouragement. Wow! Evan and Duncan, you are blessed!

  20. Kim Schoon

    Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us!
    Tears are in my eyes….HAPPY TEARS! 🙂

  21. lori amen

    SOOoooo happy for you. Keep us posted.

  22. Suzanne Lavergne

    Wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m happy for both of you.

  23. Colleen

    Wow! so Encouraging for us all 🙂 when this first was announced I knew Canada’s conservative song and dance about making sure and researching it properly…. delay delay delay…. while many of us are sitting ducks. Please God nobodys let this courage and momentum fade we need strength like this and storys like this to help everyone affected by this Theif. Well one damn thing it won’t get is our HOPE.

  24. Ann

    Thank you Evan for sharing this with the world – you are brave to take this leap and have this procedure done, every MS patient will befit from the outcome. I hope that your neurologist will be following you when you return home and that this will lead to what causes MS and eventually a complete cure.

    I hope life is kind to you and your families and wish you all the best – as a wife (Married 40 years –husband out of work 39, because of MS) of an MSer who is severely disabled with this disease I understand more than anyone what this means to you.

  25. Joyce Hicks-Walker

    What wonderful news – I am so happy for you both – thank you for sharing this experience with all of us Canadians who suffer from MS symptoms daily – and the world – I look forward to future progress reports – take care

  26. Congratulations!
    I am thrilled for you, your brother, your families and loved ones!


  27. I had the treatment a month and a half ago….no more fatigue and my left hand works again. Many more benifits…isnt it wonderful. (i am being filmed by w5 this afternoon again.

  28. I had the procedure a month and a half ago! No more fatigue and my left hand works again. Many other benefits as well.I am being filmed by w5 this afternoon. Time to get this out!!!

  29. Great news Evan! I am thrilled for you and the quality it has already improved for your life. Like no tripping. Hands that can type.

    I can’t believe these great improvements aren’t something the Canadian government isn’t willing to make available to all people with blockages. The studies can continue but you and now counting in the hundreds of people with CCSVI are walking proof that quality of live does improve. And improve immediately! Hooray!

    p.s. One of the best things to bring home is Honey Vodka liqueur. It is truly something else, and something really unique that you can share with your friends back home. (If it makes it that far…)

  30. Lynn

    Thank you for being such a pioneer – I am so looking forward to our daughter-in-law having this liberating treatment, she is booked in for 2011. Congrats. Keep us posted.

  31. Laurie & Valerie

    Evan & Duncan,
    We are sisters living with MS – one in Ottawa and one in Chilliwack, BC. THANK YOU so very much for your bravery in going to Poland to have this procedure done and sharing it with everyone. You have given people living with MS much hope for a better future.

    We are so thrilled that you are feeling better and were able to go for a long walk without tripping – something I have only been dreaming about lately.

    May you both be blessed with much health and happiness into the future. Thanks again.

    Laurie Chatigny & Valerie Beebe

  32. Bridget

    Congrats to both of you, I wish this testing and treatment were available in the US!

  33. Paige

    Hopefully this treatment will be available in our home province soon! Shame that it isn’t…

  34. laurie

    We are so happy things went well for you and Duncan. Hayden was very impressed to see Evan on TV. He may have some questions! Hope you can look around the city a bit tomorrow and then have a good trip home!

  35. karen williams

    this is so wonderful to hear…. good luck, I wish you all the best, I’m one that isn’t as “bad off” right now as some…. so to have my neck veins “ballooned”, is so scarey for me, but maybe one day I’ll muster up enough courage to go through something like yourself… for now, I’ll follow everyones journeys with their surgery…I like to follow it all, it’s very promising for me Thank you for sharing !

  36. Bruce McEwen

    Hey Evan and Duncan: I’ve been following your story along with a number of friends who have MS and we’re all very happy for you guys. It sounds like only good news.

    I’m betting this will make your trip to Chicago for your 50th that much sweeter Evan. I look forward to speaking with you about your trip when you get back to Ottawa.


  37. Nicole

    This is AWESOME!! I have goosebumps and I’m smiling ear to ear right now! Great, great news! I’m so proud of you guys and so proud to be Canadian. You guys should be donning gold medals coming off of that plane, because truly and sincerely this means more to Canadians than some olympians! Way to go!

  38. Laurie & Valerie

    Evan & Duncan,
    We are two sisters living with MS – one in Ottawa and one in Chilliwack, BC. We were thrilled to hear that the procedure was a success and you could go for a long walk without tripping – something that is only a dream for me right now.

    We wanted to say a HUGE THANKS to you for having the courage to go to Poland and get this procedure done. You are giving hope to everyone in Canada and around the world who lives with MS.

    We wish you all the best for continued good health and much happiness in the future. Thanks again.

    Laurie Chatigny (Ottawa) & Valerie Beebe (Chilliwack)

  39. CousinGreg

    Wow. You dudes turned your situation into quite a trip. I think you may have invented a new flavour of adventure travel. I’m feeling a lot of feelings for you, including a fair amount of pride. Hope all continues to go well.

  40. Marieke

    Evan- this is such fantastic news- Thane and I both cried when we read it. You and Duncan will change the face of MS in Canada.

    much love, Marieke and Thane

  41. Diane Letellier

    It is wonderful news, and like everyone else, I am overjoyed at the outcome. I cried when I read you had blockages, because as you said it is what everyone hopes for. I truly hope your recovery and your brothers continues. Hopefully Canada will get on board so others can also profit from this amazing discovery.
    All the best.

  42. Melanie

    Why are these veins blocked in the first place? Could it be tight muscles in the neck and chest that are compressing them? If so, maybe lots of massage therapy could prevent the need for surgery (lower cost, lower risk)! Wow, though, it is fantastic to see that the surgery produces such fast results.

  43. Bev Bentley

    Bronze: learn about CCSCI
    Silver: get tested
    Gold: get treated
    Congrats on the Gold!!
    Go Canada Go!!! We can keep the pace and fight the fight with guys like you and many others, including Ginger. Keep us up dated, please. We all crave good news, it’s what keeps some of us going.

  44. Richard Markle

    Again, you need to be congratulated for taking this humugous step forward! I have had MS for over 20 years and will use you both as my role model for my own journey! Thank you!

  45. Michael Pinkey

    You are inspirational! Thank you for your courage and strength to get it done. Best wishes for your recovery and trip home. Thanks for showing us the way. Michael Los Angeles, CA

  46. ceci

    hi evan, ceci here. Back home – FINALLY!! i am not seeing the link to the interview i did with CBC the other night and i am not doing a good job of finding it. help a sister out?

  47. Betty

    Congratulations to both of you and your families for taking this leap of faith. Having a son with MS makes me realize that any new treatment that can give the sufferer relief is welcome. All MS patients need to get on board to have our people treated here at home in Canada….

  48. Bridget

    How are things going for you guys now? Seeing improvements, I hope!!

  49. Dale Woolsey

    Congratulations to both of you. As 1 diagnosed with PPMS in 1985 I’m waiting impatiently for the chance to get this treatment. Maybe when enough of us get treated & no longer exhibit MS symptoms, perhaps the MS Society & Neurologists will finally admit CCSVI is the cause & the Liberation treatment the MS cure. The best of luck to you both.
    Dale Woolsey Moose Jaw Sk.

  50. Bridget

    WE MSers have to write to all teaching hospitals, universities and MD’s to get the word out, use examples of people whov’ve had the procedure and the benefits being seen. Here is the link to contact the white house if enough of us do this maybe they’ll get the idea, I send it to the first family!

  51. Bridget

    Any updates, gentlemen?

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