Catheter! Catheter! Catheter!

Click on image to get to CBC site with video, it's down and to the right

My brother couldn’t stop saying it yesterday and he knew every time he did he’d make me squirm. We find out in a few hours if surgery is on the cards for us, and if so…catheters.

If you catch this CBC Manitoba video before they update it, watch for us at 7.20 in, with footage from Katowice, including me being slid into the MRI tube and then a shot called “this is Evan Thornton’s brain” a great bit of script used to introduce  3-second shot of my brain, as seen by the MRI scan in progress.



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13 responses to “Catheter! Catheter! Catheter!

  1. Lydia & Jacques

    Thought I left a comment yesterday. Our thoughts are there in Poland. Love you!

  2. Hey Even and Duncan,

    Prayers and thoughts are winging their way to you today.

    I look forward to hearing that you both qualified for and have completed the surgery … successfully.


  3. nadinethornhill

    I like your brain and the rest of you too! Hoping with all my heart you’re both granted surgery and that it’s successful.

  4. Cousin Jen

    Typing through happy tears here! Just heard on the news that the surgery was a success for both of you. Hearing Duncan’s words about the warmth returning to his hands just set me off. Gotta get back to work here. SO happy!! Love you guys.

  5. Laurie

    Haven’t been able to see the video, but reading cousin Jen’s reply above, sounds like things are good! That’s so awesome.

  6. Don

    Love you guys! What great news — – like being there!
    Evan can you appear for us on youtube at the party this Sat?

  7. Sylvia

    Wow! I’m a cryin’ a river hon! Work just gets in the way of hearing news! Love you!

  8. I squirmed too. Lovely footage though. Caught a great moment between you and your bro’.

  9. laurie

    Just saw the news. Very cool!

  10. Kathie

    Evan, I heard them talking about your brain on the radio this morning and started to grin like an… well, you know what. I haven’t stop grinning all day. Thinking of you (and your brain). Lots.

  11. Anna

    Evan, you and your brother were sooo brave!!! Jacinthe had told us you were in Poland for this particular surgery…sooo brave & we are sooo glad you are both doing well!!!

  12. Anna

    Evan, happy to know you and your brother were sooo brave and sooo happy to know you are both doing well!!!

  13. Bill - brother in law

    We are all cheering you and Duncan on!
    Hang in there and we look forward to your recoveries!!

    Bill & Marg

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