Sunrise over Silesia

Sunrise from the Hotel Qubus; first morning in Katowice

Six a.m. as seen from the Hotel Qubus; first morning in Katowice

We arrived in Poland at 6.00 P..M yesterday after a long trip; in my case it was Ottawa-Toronto-Frankfurt-Krakow-Katowice. My brother Duncan had an even longer day of it, starting in Winnipeg early on Monday morning before meeting me at the airport in Toronto. Soon after that Andrew Lee (the CBC producer from Winnipeg) met up with us and we all boarded the Frankfurt flight.

I have a few images on Flickr of the travel day; it’s a slide show and in the top right corner you can click “show info” if you’d like see a little info about each photo.

This afternoon we have the MRI and then we prep for the surgery itself, which happens tomorrow. There’s a wonderful sense of shared adventure with so many of the hotel guests we are meeting here; it seems most are here for the operation, or are family members accompanying them.

Usually when MS sufferers meet up there is something rueful and world-weary about the talk, maybe a bit  like old soldiers meeting, comparing war wounds and remembering old battles and wondering what else is in store for them. But now  besides that usual bond with other MS people there something new and invigorating added to the mix. It feels fresh, and very different – and we are all sort of feeling around this odd sensation. Hope!



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16 responses to “Sunrise over Silesia

  1. Karen & Marc

    Evan and Duncan
    Glad to hear that you made it to Poland safely. We wish you the best of luck with your surgery. All of our good vibrations are coming your way.
    Looking forward to hear from you shortly after!
    Love Karen & Marc

    • Thomas Thornton

      As I told Aunt Lydia, to me this whole thing just seems like some sort of scam to get cheap vodka and sausages.

  2. sterlinglynch

    Hurray for hope!

    Best o’ luck with the surgery tomorrow!

  3. We’re all sending out positive vibes to you and Duncan!

  4. Denis Thornton

    Evan and Duncan
    We are holding you so warmly in our hearts.
    Love, Mom and Dad

  5. Don

    We are all pulling for you two!

  6. Thinking about you and sending positive vibes.

  7. Cousin Jen

    I’m thinking about you two pretty much all the time, now. Lots of love.
    So glad Andrew is along for the ride. Looking forward to seeing the results of his participation, too!

  8. Pam

    Thanks so much for the blog posts and photos. You don’t know me, but I’m following your story on TIMS and FB and…well, it’s everywhere and that is just great! I got teary eyed seeing the comment from your folks! Wishing you both the best in Poland and after!

  9. Kim Clark

    Good luck to you both. PLEASE keep up the blogs to keep everyone updated on your progress. My husband was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago but has had it for much longer. He is getting very discouraged and has become obsessed with the Zamboni report. We are trying to find out more about the treatment and are having NO luck at all in Canada.

  10. Nicole

    Your message brought goose-bumps to my arms! Ah, hope! All of the best to you guys! Lots of luck and love headed your way!

  11. Leslie

    I am wondering if you would mind letting me know the type of MS you and your brother have? My husband is scheduled for chemo treatment on Tuesday for his MS.
    We have tried to keep abreast of all MS news updates – we look forward to hearing from you and we both wish you a positive outcome.

  12. Lydia & Jacques

    Our day’s all about you today. Lots of positive energy flying your way. Much love

  13. sylvia

    So great chatting with you tonight on gmail! Hedwig’s making great food while you’re gone, Pei-Ju and Helen are keeping us company and we’ve all got fingers, toes, and hairs crossed for you and Duncan. Love you hon.

  14. Suzanne Lavergne

    You don’t know me but I have written to you once before. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. My toughts are with you and Duncan.

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