On tenterhooks for 12 more hours

Andrew Lee ready to capture Soviet-era monumentalism --and some Canadian guy droning on about his health

Andrew Lee ready to capture some Soviet-era monumentalism - plus some Canadian guy droning on about his health

Today was all about the MRI. We started the day in a relaxed enough way; a leisurely breakfast in the morning room of the hotel where we were lucky enough to meet the administrative director of the EuroMedic clinic; a fantastically competent and energetic 43 year-old we call “Greg” as that seems to be as close as we can ge to the pronunciation of his name, at least with only a coffee break’s worth of practice.

After Andrew got some park-side footage of us ruminating on life, love, and multiple sclerosis, we parted from him for a few hours while we toured the downtown, changing money and delighting in the old-world atmosphere of Katowice, a city the Poles call “not attractive”. We beg to differ! Very atmospheric old streets and squares– your footsteps echo off the old stone buildings with the kind of portent and mystery Orson Welles captured so well a few hundred miles away in Vienna, for the his amazing “Third Man” film of the early 50s. Last night I half expected some zither music to break out as I strode through the expressionistic shadows the statues outside Silesian National Threatre were throwing on the adjacent cobblestone alley under a fog-shrouded half-moon.

At 3,45 we were picked up and driven down yet another velvet-smooth Polish motorway in some super-fast Mercedes SUV to the town about 30 KM away where the MRI clinic is located. Once there, and some basic paperwork completed, it was decided I would go first into the long tube of the  scanner , for a procedure described by others as the “longest loudest MRI ever”. It was pretty loud, and the vibrations were intense – my abdomen was throbbing like Homer Simpson’s in full hot-dog withdrawal, and I felt sure I was moving so much I would throw off the scan and we’d have to start again. But then my Lorezepam seemed to kick in and the machine seemed to get quieter and a lot more polite. I actually fell asleep at one point, I was so mellow. Sooner than I would have thought, it was all over.

Then, instead of being told “your scans will be examined in due course and you physician will be sent the results”, a few minutes later they hand you a CD of the scan to take home for yourself. “Open data” is the practice here; they have expert radiologists that do not feel threatened by putting their data in your hands. I really like that.

So what is next? After having a bite at the restaurant in the adjacent shopping mall we are getting ready to turn in for the night, and nothing more to eat or drink until the 8.00 am blood tests are over. After that, we’ll meet with the specialist who will tell us whether our MRIs showed positive for CCSVI. For once we want the tests to say “Yes! Yes, you have the condition”

Because if we don’t, no surgery for us…

We’ll know in 12 hours!



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4 responses to “On tenterhooks for 12 more hours

  1. Vicki

    Like you, I am hoping that they have a resounding YES for you. My husband has had symptomes for 18 months and was dignosed with MS 13 months ago. He has been off work since Oct, and is going down hill fast. We are awaiting your surgery and results so we can decide if we will be able to go. God bless to the both of you.

  2. Marty

    I,m rooting for you & hope the word is YES!!! My wife has lived with MS since 1977. As usual all her so called friends disappeared now that she’s in a wheelchair….R/R MS. If it works for you, maybe the Canadian Government will accept it ASAP!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Karen

    looking forward to reading about every little improvement for you both.
    My date is hopefully coming up in May (India)

  4. Bill - brother in law

    Hi from Edmonton

    Evan & Duncan,

    We are so encouraged by your initial results. Just this morning we had breakfast with friends from our Church; he mentioned he had read about the two brothers going to Poland for treatment.

    We lift you both to the Author of Life who is able is able to do things far beyond our human understanding.

    The very best to both of you.

    Bill & Marg

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