Explosive evidence

A treasure was hidden inside!When I came down to breakfast this morning I found this on the kitchen island. It was a hand-writtten card from my youngest daughter with a lovely “bon-voyage” note inside, but the odd thing was that it made a strange rattling sound as I put it down. I had a dozen or more errands and chores to do before heading to the airport, so  I stowed the card away in my hand luggage and made a mental note to investigate more closely once I was checked in and had some time to kill before the flight.

Well I’m at Pearson now, hanging about waiting for the Frankfurt departure, and just a couple of minutes ago the laboratory reported on its findings.  That strange rattle? Pop rocks! Candy pop rocks, embedded inside the back panel of the card!

I suspect that someone dear to me thinks that tiny pellets of candy popping inside my mouth will somehow also ease the pressure on my inner ear, and help to “pop” them at takeoff and landing. She wants this trip to pass off as smoothly as possible for her dad, and if she can help in any way — but especially via the medium of candy –all the better for everyone.

So this soundclip is for her. A spoonful of preventative medicine, moments before it goes down the hatch.



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3 responses to “Explosive evidence

  1. laurie

    wow, technology, was that really those poprocks in your mouth? is the little camera in the corner zoning in on you as you type the word “explosive”!?

  2. sylvia

    Hey, great work getting Evana’s card up there! Miss you. Evana’s going to see this in 5 minutes!

  3. Joyce Hicks-Walker

    My best wishes for a very successful surgery – I will keep you in my thoughts – I hope that this part of your life’s journey will be very enjoyable and leave you with many wonderful memories – take care

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