India, Poland, Italy, USA…

Shaun Frankowski - photo

Shaun Frankowski -photo

Go wherever you can afford, just don’t try to get the CCSVI operation in Canada. Looks like a hell of a lot of Canadians will be holding bake sales and car washes to get the funds to be treated over the next few years, now that cat is out of the bag that vascular constriction in the neck can actually be treated.

Check this story from CBC Saskatchewan about a Sask Power employee who is trying to get the funds together to get the a CCSVI operation in India.



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2 responses to “India, Poland, Italy, USA…

  1. Shawn

    Hi Guys, I have been following this story for a few months and as everyone else was shocked to hear the resistance from the medical community. Since this procedure is so simple and can only be good for the person why not try it. I really hope this works for you and that everyone who suffers from this horrible disease can benefit from your attitude of taking your own health and well being in your own hands. Waiting for others to do it for you is just wrong. I also hope that what your doing will bring others who suffer from MS relief sooner rather than later. It is people like you and your brother who will bring change to this issue…..

    I have another question. Since the symptoms of MS are VERY similar to ALS. I was wondering if you could ask the doctor’s in Poland if this treatment could benefit people suffering from ALS as well????? Do people with ALS have the same “blockage”?

    • Share

      I read your article in the Ottawa Citizen this morning. Thank you for taking this step for all of us. I want the scan done but have been blocked at every turn here in Ottawa. I pray not only does this work for many MS’ers but for Alzheimer sufferers as well. Who know what doors this procedure will unlock. I just don’t understand why Canada is going so slow with this. I would get this study going and if/when successful send money into other diseases to find better treatments / possible cures.

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