Update: CCSVI scans now available in Montreal, Ottawa Sun covers Poland trip story

Image by Reigh LeBlanc via Flickr

Image by Reigh LeBlanc via Flickr

Wonderful to see a radiology clinic in Montreal stepping up to the plate and offering the doppler ultrasound and MRV scans for CCSVI.

Of course with 44,000 of us having MS, it’s a national crime that hospital radiology departments aren’t offering the scans from coast to coast; it’s appalling the way a demographic with the population of Charlottetown can be left to fend for itself when it comes to getting these vital tests. We’ve paid taxes all our lives, and when we need the health care system it’s decided it won’t be there for us. Are you listening, Leona Aglukkaq?

In other news, the Ottawa Sun has picked up on the Poland story with this piece. Some good quotes in there, and I was thinking as I read it – how did it come to be that a vascular blockage like CCSVI is the business of the MS establishment to pronounce on? If the blockage was in your foot you’d have it looked at by a vascular specialist without a second thought. Surely anytime vascular constrictions are discovered anywhere in a patient’s body the policy should be to get them opened up first, as a simple matter of procedure, and then have a look at how symptoms respond.

But a blockage at the base of the brain? Well apparently that is different; the MS establishment needs to study it for years and years, while issuing alarmist warnings of the risks of routine vascular surgery. I suspect one of these days soon a vascular surgeon in Canada is going to tell the people that now feel they own the “MS franchise” to take a jump. If I were one I’d think I’d say “the hell with MS; I’m simply treating a blockage – now go away and let me do a job”



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8 responses to “Update: CCSVI scans now available in Montreal, Ottawa Sun covers Poland trip story

  1. sharron brown

    How right you are ! any other vascular blockage would be deemed an emergency, treated promptly. But because huge amounts of funding are at stake, we are all subject to continuing to be victims – now of a system we have worked for all our lives ! 18 years of fighting in my case,and nothing to show for it – will anyone listen? I congratulate you and wish you nothing but success !
    brantford, ontario

  2. There are far more than 44,000 people in Canada with MS: The MS Society of Canada estimates between 50,000-70,000 – and when I total the provincial estimates (I’m missing the estimates from NWT and BC) we already pass the low-ball estimate.

    The veins are blocked, unblock the veins. It’s simple.

  3. Dale Woolsey

    The MS Society needs to bow out & let us with MS get CCSVI scanned and if necessary Liberated. Hopefully IR specialists come forward so we can get treated while the MS Society continues spinning its research wheels.

  4. Candace

    I agree with all of you. There has been so much positive info, you would think the Dr.s would be more interested in pursuing the procedure to help MS patients, not telling us to wait because of all this research that apparently needs to be done.
    Get off your butts.

  5. Dale Woolsey – You are bang on about the MS Society “spinning its research wheels.” It’s the same scenario with all these “health charities;” in order to maintain the “machinery of the charity,” do any of them really want to find a cure or treatment that works really well? If they did, they would self-destruct as the funds would start to dwindle. Right now, the funds for all health charities that don’t go to pay wages and other overhead just funnels directly into the pockets of the pharmaceuticals for drug trials. So these charities are all just money collectors for the drug companies. And what pharmaceutical wants a viable treatment that doesn’t involve their drugs? They do not want a cure, only for people to be dependent on using their drugs for the rest of their lives.

  6. cora ward

    Its so wrong. If my husband went to his doctor and had blocked veins , they would unblock them.If my veins are blocked, because I have MS they have to stay blocked. If my veins are blocked, unblock them, MS or no MS.

  7. Paul Leclair

    This is so money scam not funny, if my veins are block, the solution is to unbock them, what does veins has to do with neurologist to begin with?
    If I have a plumbing problem at home, I call the plumber not the electrician, now with CCSVI, the electrician don’t want to loose their income, we are not patient we are customers, but the one who are not right
    Agree, it is possible that it is maybe risky, but I know for sure that if nothing is done it is far more risky, we are talking about our life here, what do we need to do to open their block head ?

  8. Paul Leclair

    Forget the MS tittle for a moment, they came up with that name because it was something they didn’t know about, oh yes the immune system is at war with the body, but why they don’t have a clue.
    People that had the liberation treatment 85% of them feel lot better now, I would like to be in this group and getting some od my life back before it’s too late, what if I became bed drivin because I did no have hat treatment, will I’ll be allowed to sue our government for malpractice? funny, noo

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