I’m the cousin that has MS – and so is my brother.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone tell me their cousin has MS, or their sister-in-law, has it or their co-worker’s son has it, I mightn’t have to be cashing in RRSPs to pay for my visit to Euromedic Clinic. The fact is that it is an incredibly widespread condition in Canada; 1 in 900 of us have it, and more are diagnosed every day.

It surely must be one of the most common reasons people find themselves in a neurologist’s office. And since our plans to go to Poland for the CCSVI “Liberation” operation have been getting so much media coverage, I’ve found myself fielding questions from MS sufferers and their families from across the country – dozens of them – people that are eager, even desperate, to find out more. Sometimes it seems that everyone has a cousin with MS.

So I’ve started a resources section to this blog, in the right margin. My two first are a tip of the hat to the Manitoba CCVSI community who are really starting to make some inroads around awareness and lobbying. They have a vibrant and supportive Facebook group, and an excellent  resources page. Please consider this list a work in progress; send me in other useful links and I’ll post them.


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  1. Colleen

    Hi Evan, I have followed you are your Brothers ground breaking efforts (thank-you) from another person living with MS. I was patiently waiting in MB a trip to Montreal this summer had my hopes up to access a decently priced doppler.. well I’m sure you know that turned out. Tomorrow morning I will be interviewed on CBC bright and early maybe it’s time for all of us to find our voices and scream like you’ve never screamed before. I will be filing my Human rights complaint as I get my ducks in order. Please tell anyone and everyone to take action. Be well, Colleen

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