Coverage in review

Running his speech past Fidel, in preparation for our showdown...

Well, yesterday ( Thursday the 18th) was my biggest news day since I debated Pierre Trudeau on The National in 1982. That’s 28 years since I’ve talked to so many journalists in one day.

The day started off talking with Kathleen Petty on Ottawa Morning, and by the time I left the CBC studio I was getting tweets and texts telling me that my brother and I were on page A8 of Thursday’s Globe and Mail, talking with Becky Rynor. So far the Globe piece is hard-copy only.

In the afternoon I did this piece with the Ottawa Citizen’s Jennifer Campbell, and by the evening the various editions of The National were going with one or the other of these videos.

Meanwhile the CBC website has this text piece up as well.

Overall I think the coverage has been fair and very well-researched, though at some point the bit about “cashing in my life’s savings” seems to have put in for extra effect to some of the CBC pieces. Sometimes a phrase like that just works itself in to the copy because it just sounds right, even if it’s not really the case.

That’s a minor quibble though. My name has been spelled (and pronounced ) perfectly all day, my age and my kid’s ages have been right, and through it all, all the journalists I’ve spoken to have come across as genuine and caring. Not a cynic in the lot, which wasn’t the way I remember it from 1982!



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8 responses to “Coverage in review

  1. duncanthornton

    On the other hand, MY age was given as 48 (I’m 47!), and I have NOT been unemployed for 10 years. In fact, most of that time I’ve just been a WRITER (although to an outside observer, there’s no way to tell the difference).

    FURTHER, while you say the coverage was “fair” it seemed to me clear that in fact *you* were being portrayed as a dashing community-activist-about-town, while I had been given the role of “loser brother who spends all day wearing his pyjamas or hiding in his garage”.

    Still, anything for the cause. -d

  2. Byron Ohryn

    Relatively accurate reporting is a heart-warming introduction to the intriguing story we’ll all be following. Way to go guys, and all the best!

    Now, if you would be so kind, could you post the video of your debate with Trudeau? It’s got to be in the archives somewhere.


    • Hi Byron; A news clip from 1982 might be hard to track down I think but if I ever come across it I’ll let you know. Was the day he announced to a student audience at the University of Saskatchewan that Canada would embrace testing the cruise missile & that we ( NATO ) needed to match the Soviets “gun for gun”. Not a highwater mark for Canadian arms policy, we (the students) thought at the time. I still don’t. Having said that, on Trudeau’s worst day he was a thousand times better than that nasty piece of work we have in charge now.

  3. Colleen

    Hi Duncan,

    I am following your story very closely as this is a procedure I will also opt for I have been diagnosed since 2002. Everything I have been reading in regards to the surgery has been incrediably hopeful. I will follow your blog and wish you and Evan all the best and also a huge thank- you for giving us all a voice.

    Praying for us all,

  4. Jerry Fiori

    Evan and Duncan
    As a long time MS sufferer, and also in Ottawa, this treatment has opened up a new hope for many of us. Thank you for being both courageous and so positive. I wish you both the best!

  5. Alexandra


    I am also a long term MS patient and was very excited when I learned of this treatment. Thank you for sharing your story as I am very interested in hearing whether this works for you and your brother. I certainly hope it does.

    I approached my doctor and the MS clinic at the Riverside after watching the show on W5 but was very discouraged to hear that it will likely be years before they have finished studying this treatment and approving it or not. If there is a possibility that this could change my life, I want to do it now!

    All the best.

  6. ken

    hi evan and duncan, i am very excited to hear your story , of course i too have ms with a sister and cousin . i was given a very negative response from my neuro at ubc , to quote dr simka is pure snake oil and in the meantime would you like to participate in a fingolmold group (no thanks) i too am interested in a trip to poland for treatment .it doesnt matter where i just want to get fixed now , i was diag. 2005 with ppms . if you wouldnt mind sending me an email so i can talk to you after your treatment , i am getting a new passport .
    good luck and god speed
    ken birzneck

  7. Sherry

    Hi guys, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your experinences, I was diagnosed with RRMS last january, lots of questions , lots of support from hospitals and neurologist if I want to take injections that made me sick the first time around, I am really curious and interested in the CCSVI treatment, I would like to deal with this possibilty of treatment or cure sooner rather than later, I will be watching your post closely an hopefully learning through your experience, Your both in my prayers.

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