What I won’t miss

My knee AKA "the pincushion"

Other than my nervous system no longer being under a state of siege, one of the things I most look forward to in my post-CCVSI existence will be discontinuing my daily shot of Copaxone. It’s actually a good drug, as immuno-therapies go – no real side effects other than some bruising and, after 9 or 10 years, the general sensation that my body has become a pincushion.

There are also some sounds that go with the injection that have become intrinsic to my evening “soundscape”. I doubt I’ll miss these either, but before they are out of my life altogether I thought I should document them. I held my best mic about two inches away from the gear, and this is what it picked up:

In order, we hear:

  1. the rip of the paper on the back of the syringe packet,
  2. the “tap tap tap” of removing the needle’s safety cap,
  3. the tear of the little foil envelope around the pre-moistened cotton swab
  4. the back-and-forth rubbing of the swab on the target area of my leg
  5. Finally, the spring-loaded snap as I press the trigger on the auto-injector


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2 responses to “What I won’t miss

  1. I like very much that you’ve documented the sound of your daily shot.

  2. I am nostalgic about the soon-to-be disappearance of bellyshot Saturday but I certainly won’t miss it! Other memories: trecking around Heathrow with a cooler filled with ice and Copaxone. Also, waking up one morning to find baby sister Evana with blue lips and a blue tongue from ingesting the colourful, pleasant-to-a-toddler-looking MS medication.

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