No place for claustrophia

I’m a bit claustrophobic even at the best of times, which means that next Wednesday’s appointment with being slid into a coffin-like scanner and being bombarded with what other Katowice patients have described as “the longest, loudest MRI ever” is a recipe for a full-on screaming shit-my-pants panic attack.

Luckily my GP is a sympathetic sort, so I’ve just been given a present to take with me to Poland. It’s a prescription for Lorezapam, which means that while my field of vision might look like this and my auditory perception might sound like this, none of that will matter because after a couple of tabs of Lorzy, my mental state will feel like this.

I have a feeling that 7 hour flight to Frankfurt is going to be a luxury cruise too,  resting comfy on the business-class recliner beds in my mind.



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2 responses to “Bliss!

  1. Susan Rochon

    I am so looking forward to your blog next week about your treatment in Poland. If it is successxful, I hope to go to Poland ASAP as well. All the best and I will be thinking and praying for both of you.

  2. Susan Rochon

    Very anxious to your comments next week about Poland. Best of luck.

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