photo by Justin Van Leeuwen

My name is Evan Thornton, and this is my latest stab at keeping a personal blog. I’ve started many and orphaned them all over the years; who knows — this might be the keeper. Speaking of previous ones, you can see my Tumblr blog here – I’ll keep it online as long as they don’t start charging for it. Some ill-tempered rants there that might go with the mood of your day — if you are having a pissy day.

I might lack the necessary commitment for that format, but I’m not bad at keeping up public blogs; if you have a moment check out Spacing Ottawa , Wellington Oracle, Project of Heart, or Cube Salon.

The first thing I plan on doing with this one is blogging my trip to Poland in the last week of March. I’m having vascular surgery to try to stop the progression of my MS. To get some background on what that is about, check the Wikipedia listing for something called CCSVI.

Thanks to Sludgegulper for the header image of Katowice, Poland.



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11 responses to “Welcome

  1. Hope to read many many more posts of yours, Evan. Whether here or on your next project website.


  2. sterlinglynch

    Yea! for personal blogging!

  3. laurie

    Will be following with interest!

  4. Wanda Stopa

    Can you tell me where you will be going to in Poland for treatment? I wish you well – I wish you good health.

  5. Charlotte

    Hi Evan – good thoughts are going with you and your brother to Poland. My husband was diagnosed in 2006. Saw Dr. Freedman and was basically told – yes you have MS – no treatment for your type – good luck! We will be watching your blog with much interest! God speed.


  6. Jennifer

    Evan: Can you please describe abit of your MS symptoms/difficulties. Also are you RR or PP?

  7. Alison

    Hi Evan,
    Read your blog an article in the globe and am very encouraged.
    I was diagnosed in 2008. I have started interferon treatments, but feel as you do, that this vascular abnormality makes a lot of sense.
    I wish you and your brother all the luck in the world and look forward to reading about your results upon your return.

  8. Shawn

    Hi Guys, I have been following this story for a few months and as everyone else was shocked to hear the resistance from the medical community. Since this procedure is so simple and can only be good for the person why not try it. I really hope this works for you and that everyone who suffers from this horrible disease can benefit from your attitude of taking your own health and well being in your own hands. Waiting for others to do it for you is just wrong. I also hope that what your doing will bring others who suffer from MS relief sooner rather than later. It is people like you and your brother who will bring change to this issue…..

  9. Shawn

    I have another question. Since the symptoms of MS are VERY similar to ALS. I was wondering if you could ask the doctor’s in Poland if this treatment could benefit people suffering from ALS as well????? Do people with ALS have the same “blockage”?

  10. Charlotte

    Hi Evan – pleased the surgery went well – you and your brother are very courageous to have the gusto to go through this, all the way to Poland and back! Come home safely, we are anxious to hear how you are doing.

    Charlotte & Wib (who has MS)

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